Blue Coral Design

Noise Circuits

Noise Circuits is a fictional audio company I imagined to showcase some of the audio hardware and software designs I create for fun. From hardware synthesisers, drum machines and guitar pedals to software synths and fx plugins.



Zodiac is a 4 layer complex synthesiser plugin, featuring multiple oscillators, filters, complex routing, a shed load of modulation and fx. It was an exercise to see if I could make an extremely complex synth engine look as simple and clean as possible. 

Each layer is represented in its own unique colour: red, yellow, green and blue. Any global parameters that can affect all layers are colour coded purple. This colour mapping is to allow the user to quickly identify which part of the sound engine they are editing.

Complex controls have been combined down onto a few knobs or sliders per section, given room to breathe with large visual elements to keep the plugin interface clean and easy to manage.


Adobe Illustrator

This is my take on a modern groove box design featuring 8 tracks, 64 velocity / pressure sensitive trigger pads, macro editing and complex sequencing. RGB lighting would be used for track visual feedback and backlit silicone buttons, a crisp OLED display and space grey metal enclosure would give it a robust and sleek build.



Infinity is a design for a cloud based preset marketplace for Noise Circuit products. The application would allow users to upload, share and sell their presets as well as discover, purchase and download presets from other members.

The design features elements such as cover art for each preset bank, audio previews and a colour-coded product sort and filter system. Users can see at a glance preset popularity by how many other members have added it to their favourites along with pricing and number of presets in the bank.

Guitar Pedal Experiments

Adobe Illustrator

A range of layouts for some guitar pedals in a range of distinctive and eye catching colours to make them pop out in your guitar rig.



Cosmos is a 6 slot multi-fx plugin with complex routing and modulation. Each fx slot can be moved into different positions in the fx chain. Three controls are highlighted with the option for a super user to deep dive and access more advanced parameters using the button above them.

Large visual level indicators are added to each slot to show how audio flows through the chain and a large visual representation of each fx is displayed above the main parameter section.

I made use of colour and iconography to provide instant feedback for users to recognise what fx are currently active in the chain.


Adobe Illustrator

A 3 octave synthesiser design that has two complex oscillators featuring 6 unique oscillator engines and an additional simple oscillator. Also boasting a multi-mode filter, extensive modulation, XYZ track pad, 4 macro controls for live performance and an OLED display.



Nebula is a dual-fx plugin, featuring two engines, an expansive visualisation / XY control pad combination and modulation. This is my riff on the move towards having huge visual constructs with simple controls in the fx plugin industry.

Each fx type is represented in its own unique colour for quick user feedback and to give the plugin a full colour spectrum. Only 6 knobs per fx slot would be used to maintain simplicity and minimal look and feel.


Adobe Illustrator

Rudiments was an exercise in which I took a rather basic analogue polyphonic synthesiser engine and provided a simple user friendly workflow. With distinctive sections for controls, a simple mod matrix, large buttons and one knob per function it is designed as a user’s potential first synth. Basic but beautiful.

Nebula Semi-Modular Synthesiser

Adobe Illustrator

My riff on the increasingly popular semi modular Eurorack synthesiser featuring one complete monophonic synth voice.