Blue Coral Design

Hello, I'm Sam Davies.

I'm a UI / UX and Product Designer based in Bristol, UK, specialising in audio hardware and software design.

Modal Electronics

An electronic musical instrument company designing and manufacturing innovative ‘Machines for Musicians’. As the sole designer I develop and design all hardware products, user interfaces, branding, websites and marketing assets.

Noise Circuits

Noise Circuits is a fictional audio company I imagined to showcase some of the audio hardware and software designs I create for fun. From hardware synthesisers, drum machines and guitar pedals to software synths and fx plugins.

Stitch Panda

A clothing brand specialising in bespoke clothes, knitwear, fabrics and accessories for babies and toddlers. I developed the logo and other branding for the company. There will also be a website and fabric designs on the way soon.


An innovative spherical musical interface developed by Nu Desine, the company I was previously employed by as a designer. I designed and implemented in C++ the UI for the controller software AlphaLive, branding, websites and marketing assets.


A collection of fun illustrations and artwork I have created in my spare time, mainly for family and friends. My ambition is to one day write and illustrate my own children’s book.


I am a multi-disciplined Designer with a diverse range of technical and creative skills. My primary focus is UI / UX and Product Design specialising in audio hardware and software design. However, I also have experience in working with audio, web design and development, branding, electronics, digital art and video. I learn new tools and skills quickly, bring unique ideas to the table and enjoy creating and perfecting beautiful designs. I work well within teams or individually and comfortably hit deadlines without needing to be micro managed. I am quick to adapt and overcome problems thanks to my laid back personality and creative thinking skills.


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